Hope Is Where the Heart Is

Nakango Vision is a multicultural non-profit organisation which is dedicated to providing life-changing support to the disadvantaged young people, children, women and disabled. The organisation also provide services to migrants, humanitarian entrants, refugees, asylum seekers and international students in Australia. We provide a range of services to assist individuals, families and community groups and organisations Australia wide, through various community development projects and programs. We also organise international humanitarian aids to impoverished communities in a number of places in the world.
Nakango Vision is incorporated in New South Wales, Australia by the NSW Fair trading Australian government organisation in the year 2008. Nakango Vision has its own legal identity separate from its members, providing protection to members in legal transactions. Nakango Vision Inc. can:
      1. Enter into and enforce contracts, including the ability to hold, acquire and deal with property

      2. Advocate for the vulnerable and voiceless in communities.
      3. Continue regardless of changes to membership

Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.



The past five years have been fulfilling and successful for Nakango Vision Inc. This multicultural community organisation was established in 2008 as a center for community development; Nakango Vision Inc. has met its re-vitalized mission to providing life-changing support to the disadvantaged young people, children, women and disabled. The organisation also provide services to migrants, humanitarian entrants, refugees, asylum seekers and international students in Australia as an independent non-profit.
Nakango Vision Inc. currently has three main services – Assisting community ethnic groups, partnership with government and non-government agencies and Social enterprise. Nakango Vision’s main sources of operational funding primarily consist of the local government agencies and philanthropic support from individuals. The challenges recently presented as a result of lack of sufficient funding. We are grateful to all sponsors, supporters and volunteers of Nakango Vision Inc. and every one of our very special board members. We are also grateful to our volunteer board of advisers who devote their valuable time each year to help us fulfill our mission. We look to the future with hope and inspiration.